For Vendors

Rules and Regulations

Our markets have a distinct set of rules and regulations that assist with the management of the market and provide compliance with local and state agencies. A full and comprehensive list of rules and regulations can be found in the Vendor Handbook. Vendors are responsible for educating their staff on our market’s rules.

HFM vendors are expected to follow all the regulations in the handbook, including:

  • All traffic control designations are to be followed at all times. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED for a vendor to move or go around a barricade or road block.

  • Vendors must unload their products and supplies at their stalls, park their vehicles, and then return to set up. Vendor booths must be broken down at the end of the day and ready to load out before vendors drive up their vehicles.

  • Vendors must only park in areas designated on the Vendor Parking maps for each market.

  • Vendors must contain their displays and boxes to the space provided and not extend into another vendors area or into customer traffic areas.

  • Vendors must wait for the market bell to begin to sell to customers at the beginning of the market and to break down their booth at the end of the market. Vendors that “sell out” must remain at the market with canopy erected, as well as, tables, chairs, displays until the market closes.

  • Waste water must be disposed of in an approved manner. Dumping waste water in storm drains is prohibited.

  • Vendors must sweep their spaces at the end of the day and must ensure that all litter, toothpicks, and product debris are removed. All vendors must haul out their trash at the end of the day for disposal at their own business locations.

Market Forms and Resources

Vendor Handbook

To assist us with maintaining a safe and credible market system, it is important for all Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets vendors to carefully review our Vendor Handbook annually. Vendors are always expected to understand and follow the rules and regulations as outlined in the Vendor Handbook. (link to vendor Handbook) Vendors are responsible for educating their staff on our market’s rules.

Vendor Orientation

All vendors are required to attend an orientation annually. Please watch the online version of the orientation below and take the short quiz at the end.

Product Challenge Form

Vendors can submit this product challenge form when they believe another vendor is misrepresenting their product. Please submit this form directly to the market management on the market day or within 7 days of the alleged violation. Product challenge forms are confidential and will only be shared with market staff and board members.

Farmers Market Feedback Form

We love to hear from our vendors and make decisions based around vendor feedback. To best collect vendor (and customer!) feedback, we request that vendors complete a form and submit it to market staff. All forms will be provided to the market board and the next board meeting.

Permits and Licenses

Many products require licenses through various agencies. It is the vendors responsibility to understand what licenses apply to the products to be sold and obtain them before their first day at the market. A license list per product can be found in our Vendor Handbook.

Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA)
ODA Food Safety: (503) 986-4720

  • Retail Licensing

  • Bakery Licensing

  • Food Processing and Warehouse Licensing

  • Home (Domestic) Kitchen Licensing

  • Meat Licensing

  • Eggs Licensing

  • Commercial Shellfish Licensing

  • Dairy Licensing

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

  • Animal (Pet) Food Licensing

  • What can I do Without a License?

  • Retail Food Establishment License

ODA Nursery and Christmas Tree Licensing: (503) 986-4636

  • Retail Nursery License

  • Retail Florist License

ODA Weights and Measures: (503) 986-4767

  • Scale License

Washington County Health Department: (503) 846-8722

Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)


Vendors are required to obtain a general liability insurance policy at the $1,000,000 level with Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets listed as an additional insured. Proof of insurance must be submitted to HFM before a vendor can attend the markets.


Country Financial

Market Currency

Our currency programs are designed to increase vendor sales by making multiple methods of payment accessible. Vendors are asked to familiarize themselves with each of the currency options.

Red Tokens (Credit/Debit) – Customers may purchase $5 red tokens with credit or debit cards at the market information booth. There is a $2 fee per transaction to cover the cost of operating the program. The red tokens are considered the same as cash and can be used for any purchases within the market. Change shall be given. Our red tokens do have expiration dates and we are unable to take them past that date.

Green Tokens (SNAP/EBT) – SNAP/EBT customers may purchase $1 green tokens with an Oregon Trail Card at the market information booth. Green tokens may only be used for most food items, including fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, popcorn, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, baked goods to be taken home, and seeds or plants intended for growing food. Green tokens may not be used for beer, wine, liquor, nonfood items (e.g., merchandise, pet foods, soaps, paper products, household supplies), vitamins and medicines, ready-to-eat foods, hot foods, or flowers. No change can be given for green tokens. Green tokens ARE NOT to be given to customers as change or used by vendors receiving the tokens.

Black Tokens (SNAP Match) – HFM operates a SNAP match program that provides a dollar to dollar match for customers purchasing green tokens (up to $10). Customers receive $1 black tokens for this match. Black tokens follow the same rules as green tokens. (see above)

Blue Tokens (Veteran’s Match) – HFM operates a match program for veterans. $1 blue tokens are provided to Veterans who show their Veterans ID card with a purchase of a $5 red token. The match is up to $5. Blue tokens may be used for any purchases within the market. No change may be given.

Purple Tokens (Event Tokens) - $1 Purple tokens are provided during special events and through our kid’s programs. Purple tokens may be used for any purchases within the market. No change may be given.

WIC/SENIOR FMNP Vouchers – WIC/FMNP vouchers are provided directly to customers and given to farmers enrolled in the program. They are in $4 increments and no change can be given. To learn more about the program and to get enrolled, click here.