We are always looking for new, high quality farmers, nurseries, and unique food vendors who use locally grown ingredients to add to our four community markets. If you are interested in becoming a vendor at any of our markets, please follow the steps below.


Step 1 – Check your eligibility

FARMERS & AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS: As a local farmers market system, our priority is to our farmers. We reserve 60% of our market for farmers, including nursery’s, flower growers, and meat producers. While space is limited, we encourage farmers to reach out to us anytime during the season.

FOOD PRODUCTS: Bakery and processed food products are made by vendors who create their own unique culinary delights with the use of a licensed kitchen. Products must be created by the vendor in Oregon or Washington and priority will go to vendors who source products locally.

HOT FOODS: Vendors that offer ready to eat foods made freshly at the market. We encourage hot food vendors to source foods from HFM vendors or other producers in Oregon or Washington.

ARTISANS & CRAFTERS: Vendors who create handmade items that are significantly altered from the original state of the base materials. Items must be of quality workmanship and be approved through the jury process. Preference is given to vendors who produce items that are related to agriculture, cooking, food, gardening, landscaping or lawns. Artisans and crafters are accepted as space allows.

NON PROFIT: Community non-profits are allowed to attend the markets at a discounted rate upon approval. Find detailed information here.

SERVICE BUSINESSES are eligible as market sponsors. Check out the opportunities here.

Products that we are unable to accept at our markets include:

  • Products not made or grown by the vendor

  • Products not made or grown in Oregon and Washington, with priority on Hillsboro and Washington County products.

  • Nationally/internationally distributed products

  • Multi-Level Marketing companies

  • Co-op growers

  • Products that contain THC

  • Coffee or Indian food at Orenco Station.

2019 Season Update

  • Downtown Hillsboro Saturday Market: Current wait-list for bakeries, soap, and hot foods.

  • Orenco Station Sunday Market: Current wait-list for bakeries, soap, and hot foods. Wait-list for Artisans and Crafters during peak season (June-August). Availability in May and October.

Step 2 – Learn about our markets and regulations

Learn more about each of our markets and important rules and regulations by reading our Vendor Handbook. The handbook is a comprehensive collection of everything you need to know before you get started.

HFM vendors are expected to follow all the regulations in the handbook, including:

  • Pay the market stall fees before the end of each market day.

    • Saturday, $38 per market day for 10x10 space ($35 Sept/Oct)

    • Sunday, $38 per market day for 10x10 space ($35 Sept/Oct)

    • Wednesday, $15 per market day for 10x10 space ($25 for hot food vendors)

    • Thursday, $15 per market day for 10x10 space ($25 for hot food vendors)

    • Larger stall sizes available upon request

  • Provide your own canopy and required 25 pounds of weights per canopy leg.

  • Provide market banner, labels and prices for each product, and promotional materials.

  • Develop a system to collect sales from customers, including using market currency and reporting gross sales.

  • Inform yourself about and comply with federal, state, and local health regulations and licensing requirements governing the production, display, distribution, sampling, and sale of your products.

  • Conduct yourself professionally, being courteous and respectful to all customers, vendors, and staff at all times.0

Step 3 – Complete an application

Our markets use Manage My Market to accept applications and manage vendors. Follow this link to Manage My Market to create your account and apply for the markets of your choice. Please keep in mind the following when applying to our markets:

  • There is a non-refundable application fee due at the time of submission. You are responsible for payment of the application fee even if you choose not to continue your application, not to attend a market, or withdraw your application.

  • Application fees are annual and are $32 for one market, $52 for 2 or more markets.

  • Carefully select the dates that you would like to be considered for. The dates that you select will be the only dates we will use in the processing of your application. More than 2 cancellations may impact your standing at the markets.

  • All new farm vendors will receive a Farm Visit before being approved at the market.

  • All new non-farm vendors will submit their product to a jury process for review before being approved at the market. Please upload photos of your products during the application process.

  • All vendors must provide a complete list of products intended to be sold. Each product is approved individually.

  • All vendors are responsible for submitting all relevant licenses and proof of liability insurance before their first scheduled date. For more information, click here.

Step 4 – Application review process

HFM strives to provide our customers with a variety of high-quality vendors. With limited spaces available per market, we are unable to approve all applicants. All vendors will be notified via e-mail regarding the status of their application. Our timeline is to complete approvals directly after the application deadline and within two weeks during the market season.

The status for each vendor per market day will be available on Please find the definitions of each status below.

  • RECEIVED - Application is submitted to HFM. Your status will be changed to one of two statuses:

    • PENDING – Your application has been submitted and your application fee has been paid. Applications will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt of application fee payment.

    • INCOMPLETE – Your application has been submitted and your application fee has not been paid. You are responsible for application fee payment and will not be considered until receipt of payment. Once paid, status will change to PENDING.

  • APPROVED- Application has been reviewed and approved. Review ManageMyMarket to confirm the specific dates and products you were approved for. Upon approval, you are responsible for attending the dates as listed.

  • WAITLISTED- Application has been reviewed and is being considered for the next available opening at each market for either general space or specific products. Vendors may ask to be WITHDRAWN from the waitlist at any time.

  • DECLINED- Application has been reviewed and declined per specific market. Reasons for being DECLINED include lack of space availability, current saturation of products, products that do not qualify, and other select reasons.

  • WITHDRAWN- Application will be withdrawn if vendor decides to no longer plans on attending the markets for the season or move forward with the application process.

Step 5 – Vendor Orientation

All vendors, both new and old, will be required to attend an annual vendor orientation. The orientation is designed to connect vendors with HFM staff and board of directors, review the rules and regulations, provide educational materials regarding licensing and insurance, and prepare for the upcoming season.

Our Vendor Orientation will be held at the Hillsboro Civic Center at the beginning of April. Details be sent to all vendors via e-mail by the middle of March. Vendors who are unable to attend will be required to schedule an alternative orientation.