Market Sprouts

The Market Sprouts Kids Club mission is to inspire children to take part in their local food system, enjoy eating nutritious foods, and empower them to make healthy choices.

We hope to provide an opportunity for kids to engage with local farmers and get to know where their food comes from to improve health outcomes and inspire a new generation of informed and healthy eaters.

To further empower kids to make healthy food choices while increasing interactions with local farmers, HFM implements an incentives program provided to kids who complete scheduled activities. Kids receive tokens that they can use to purchase fruits, veggies, and other local products at the market.

Market Sprouts Wishlist

Our Market Sprouts program is designed to be interactive and educational, with a focus on recycling and repurposing items. You can help support our program by supplying items on our wish list!

  • Plastic Bottles with lid

  • Toilet paper rolls

  • Paper towel roll holders

  • Rotisserie Chicken plastic container



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