Martinez Family Farm

Farm Fresh Produce

In 1990, Marcos and Carlos Martinez began their journey farming for Lone Elder Farm in Canby, Oregon. During their time working for Lone Elder, they worked as vendors at the market—so the experience isn’t new to the two. In 2008, the owner of Lone Elder retired and gave the farm to the brothers. For the two brothers, it only made sense to continue vending for the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets for their new endeavor, Martinez Family Farm.

During their time at Lone Elder, the brothers worked at every level. They’re familiar with how the entire operation works, from the vending at the market, to the harvesting on the farm. With the knowledge they’ve gained over the years, it’s no surprise that the booth is always orderly—their produce on display in a simple manner that allows shoppers to easily locate what they’re looking for. Along with their booth, the family always manages to bring a smile to everyone's face by providing excellent service to everyone that visits their booth and providing shoppers with high quality products from their farm of over 100 acres. Whether someone is shopping for a hanging basket or peppers, they’ll never be disappointed with the quality that Martinez Family Farm brings to the markets.

With the amount of land Martinez Family Farm has, there is always a wide range of produce, including radishes, carrots, and peppers. At the beginning of the season, they even provide hanging baskets overflowing with flowers. No matter what you came to the market for, there are endless choices with the Martinez Family Farm.

The Martinez Family Farm is available at the Downtown Hillsboro Saturday Market and Orenco Station Sunday Market, where their booth is always bursting with colorful produce and flowers. If you ever want to follow Martinez Family Farm on their exciting journey, you can follow them on Facebook.