Watermelon Cubes

Presented by Market Kitchen Host, Antimo Cimino, chef and travel consultant.


Antimo Cimino is a chef and travel consultant from Puglia, Southern Italy. He is the author of "Food You'll Make Love To: Ah Those Italians!" a cookbook of family recipes, short stories and travel tips. He moved to Portland twenty-three years ago and he now runs www.voomago.com, a travel company specialized in Tours to Italy. He takes people all over Italy, cooking with family and friends and giving people a very authentic experience of the Italian culture. critical acclaim.

Watermelon Cubes


Watermelon cut in bite size cubes

Fresh mint leaves

Blackberries, or Marionberries

Sugar & Cinnamon

Zest of lemon, lime, or orange. 


Dust with a light coat of cinnamon a silver tray. Place the watermelon cubes over it evenly spaced. Lay a fresh leaf of mint on each watermelon cube. Place a blackberry on top and finish with a toothpick to hold it together. Spring some sugar mixed the zest of a citrus fruit of your choice!


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