Pruitt's Farm

A Traditional Farmers’ Market Vendor

Pruitt’s Farm started over 70 years ago in 1947, when the Pruitt family rented land to start a cannery bean farm. They purchased it in 1949 and the farm has been evolving ever since. Today they grow mixed summer fruits and vegetables, raise chickens and pigs, and grow indoor and outdoor plants customers can purchase and care for at home.

Pruitt considers themselves a traditional farmer’s market produce vendor, and one of their most important goals is to be part of a sustainable, responsible farming community which values farming practices such as avoiding the use of artificial chemicals and raising animals in healthy environments. They also do a lot of outreach work, bringing their friendly ambassador chickens to local schools and teaching kids about sustainable farming practices and what it’s like to be on a farm. Through their community engagement, they hope to teach both the local community and future farmers about better alternatives to detrimental mass-market farming practices.

This is why Pruitt’s Farm has come to the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets for well over 30 years; it’s a great way for them to stay involved with the community and engage with customers on a personal level. They love having conversations with their customers and answering all manner of questions, whether they’re about their own farm or the farming industry in general, and especially enjoy the opportunity to get kids interested in where their food comes from.

This season Pruitt’s Farm is offering their traditional farmers’ market staples at the Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday markets, such as blue lake pole beans, a variety of pickling cucumbers, squash, cabbage, and kale. In particular, they’re proud to be continuing to sell their well-known, high-quality tomatoes. They also sell cute potted succulents for those interested in caring for a plant in their own home.

You can visit Pruitt Farm’s Facebook page to keep up to date on the goings-on of the farm, or you can visit their farm in person in Cornelius. There you can get a tour of the farm, pick delicious tomatoes in their u-pick tomato patch, or visit the farm store, which is open Monday through Saturday 10-5 and features handmade goods from local artisans along with their own produce, eggs, and honey.