Peace of Soap

Kind Suds For Our Kind Buds

When Heather Weldon founded Peace of Soap in 2000, she was a single parent working in education. She created the company for multiple reasons. Mostly, she was motivated by her desire to set a good example for her sons and students, but she was also excited by the opportunity to do something for her community and develop an idea that she could then bring to fruition. The soap-making aspect of the company came from Heather’s long-standing interest in botany and naturopathic medicine. For her, soap would be the medium in which she could embrace her desire to help and heal others.

The sheer amount of care and attention to detail put into the company can be seen in its every aspect. For example, the name “Peace of Soap” is an intentional play on words to show the company’s fun, whimsical, and innocent nature while also appealing to people of all ages. The peace daisy on the company logo is symbolic of summertime, freshness, and honesty, while the peace symbol reflects their hope to be part of a peaceful, supportive community.

And community really is Peace of Soap’s biggest priority. Their mantra is “Kind Suds for Our Kind Buds” because they know that they are part of a local network larger than themselves, made up of people they know personally (or hope to get to know personally!) and care about deeply. For this reason, their focus has always been on community wellness, offering healthy, local alternatives to corporate mass-produced and chemical-laden soaps. They also shop from other local vendors and business owners to help support the local economy and hire local college students to help them get through school. Since they are also conscious of the part they play in the global community, the company is as zero-waste as possible to reduce the amount of garbage that goes into landfills. This is why you’ll notice that all of the soaps at their stand are sold without packaging.

One of Peace of Soap’s biggest hopes is that their customers will know that Peace of Soap is there to serve them. When their customers come to them with their skincare needs, they want them to feel that they are in good hands. Their hand-crafted artisan soaps are made with ingredients and pure essential oils sourced from local, certified organic suppliers whenever possible. They are also free from all synthetics, including chemical fragrances, dyes, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, glycols, petrochemicals, and solvents. The result is a high-quality product they are excited to share with everyone.

Peace of Soap has loved coming to the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets for the past 16 years because Hillsboro is their home. When they sell their soap at the Saturday and Sunday markets, they’re not just selling to customers—they’re selling to coworkers, neighbors, and friends. For them, the market is a place of connectivity and support in the local community. Attending the market as a vendor every weekend gives them a chance to be part of this local support network and serve the community as best as they can.

Peace of Soap’s values means that cultivating a long-standing, personal customer relationship is always more important to them than profits. As such, their philosophy is to give their customers the very best quality, and more than what they expect. When you visit their stall, you’ll find an assortment of large, rustic, aromatic bars of soap with fun scents ranging from Zen Triple Mint™ to Caribbean Cream™—all sold without packaging and at an affordable price. This season, they are also introducing a line of salves designed to help with skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. If you’re interested in one of their soaps, but aren’t sure you want to commit just yet, they give generous samples so you can try before you buy. They always encourage customers to give feedback, ask questions about the product, and share any concerns they may have about their own skincare.

Peace of Soap loves their relationships with their customers more than anything else, whether you’re a new face meeting them for the first time or an old friend of the company. No matter who you are, they hope to see you come again, season after season.

To say hi to Peace of Soap, you can find them at both our Saturday Downtown and Sunday Orenco Station markets, or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.