C James Nursery

Beautiful Hanging Plants for Gardeners New and Experienced

Carol and C. Dave James began its journey in Newberg, shortly after Carol retired as a teacher in 2001. As a gift, her husband bought Carol a couple of greenhouses. This gift would lead the two to create C. James Nursery. As her love for working with flowers grew, Carol came to realize that even though she knew how to tend to her flowers, she didn’t have all the knowledge necessary to take care of every plant she encountered. Instead of letting this obstacle hinder her abilities, she decided to learn more by taking horticulture classes at Clackamas Community College. After learning hands on with her greenhouses and through classes, C. James Nursery truly began to grow.

For Carol and her husband, they strive to provide the community with beautiful potted plants that will become permanent fixtures within shoppers’ homes by providing individuals with high quality products from their nursery. For instance, if shoppers buy a potted plant one year and a year later their plant has started to die, they can then bring it back to Carol so she can repot a new flower. By offering a service like this, shoppers have a continuous experience with C. James Nursery that allows a relationship to build between the nursery and the local community. It’s due to this service that they run all-year long, either at their nursery in Newberg or through the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets.

Because the couple is originally from the Hillsboro area, selling their products at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets seemed like a given. Beyond the fact that the two are locals, they also enjoy the support the community gives to local businesses, which not only pushes them to work harder but also allowed a bond to build between C. James Nursery and Hillsboro. After seventeen years, that same bond is still intact and brings the two back every year.

Shopping with C. James Nursery at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets in Downtown Hillsboro and Orenco Station is an exciting experience due to the friendliness that Carol, C. Dave and their associates bring to everyone that comes to their booth. Whether you’re a first-time gardener or have a green thumb, they provide fantastic gardening advice!

Not only does their amazing service bring shoppers to their booth but also a wide range of beautiful geraniums they always have on display. It’s from this selection of geraniums that shoppers choose which flowers they want in their gorgeous pots. These unique pots come in a wide variety of colors, including blue, green and a simple terracotta. These pots are equal parts beautiful and innovation with a unique internal reservoir that is at the base of the hanging pot. Along with the reservoir there is a lip that is not present in other upside-down hanging pots which prevents water spillage that can occur in other hanging plants. Once spillage occurs it should be noted that there is sufficient water present in the pot.

To enjoy the full experience of C. James Nursery, make sure to see them before they’re done for the market season at the end of June. Once the weather starts heating up, you’ll find the couple working from home predominantly - so head to the markets as soon as you can!