Seed Bombs

A fun craft that will brighten your garden!

Last season, Girl Scout Troop 45756 hosted Market Kitchen and shared how to make these seed bombs to plant in our gardens!



  • 4 parts natural clay

  • 1 part seed starting mix or compost

  • 1 part wildflower seeds*

*Use wildflower seeds that are native to where you live so that you' don’t accidentally spread any invasive species. OSU Extension Service has a good list of plants native to Oregon.


Flatten clay into a sheet with your palm and sprinkle seed starting mix or compost and wildflower seeds in center of clay.

Knead until everything is mixed in and seeds and soil are well distributed.

Roll clay out into a thin snake.

Pinch off 1/2-inch sections and roll into balls.

Place on a tray to dry and harden (about 24-48 hours; leaving them in the sun will speed things up)

Because clay helps the seeds to survive almost anywhere, simply plant or toss in a sunny spot in your garden!

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