market Info

Dog Policy

In the interests of health and safety, a farmer’s market is not the best place to bring a pet. If customers do choose to bring a pet, we ask them to abide by these six rules to make the pet’s visit to the market a good experience for everyone:

  • Dogs must be kept on a short leash;

  • Dogs must be under control and by the owner’s side at all times;

  • Keep dogs away from produce, plants, and other food products;

  • Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and children to earn the right to be at the market;

  • Be considerate — not everyone loves dogs and some customers are allergic to animals; and

  • Don’t forget to clean up after your dog

Market Manager reserves the right to ask that owners remove pets from the market.

Market Currency

Our currency programs help make local, healthy food accessible for everyone. For any additional questions, please let us know at the information booth at any of our markets.

Red Tokens (Credit/Debit) – Customers may purchase $5 red tokens with credit or debit cards at the market information booth. There is a $2 fee per transaction to cover the cost of operating the program. The red tokens are considered the same as cash and can be used for any purchases within the market. Change shall be given. Our red tokens do have expiration dates and we are unable to take them past that date.

Green Tokens (SNAP/EBT) – SNAP/EBT customers may purchase $1 green tokens with an Oregon Trail Card at the market information booth. Green tokens may only be used for most food items, including fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, popcorn, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, baked goods to be taken home, and seeds or plants intended for growing food. Green tokens may not be used for beer, wine, liquor, nonfood items (e.g., merchandise, pet foods, soaps, paper products, household supplies), vitamins and medicines, ready-to-eat foods, hot foods, or flowers. No change can be given for green tokens. Green tokens ARE NOT to be given to customers as change or used by vendors receiving the tokens.

Black Tokens (SNAP Match) – HFM operates a SNAP match program that provides a dollar to dollar match for customers purchasing green tokens (up to $10). Customers receive $1 black tokens for this match. Black tokens follow the same rules as green tokens. (see above)

Blue Tokens (Veteran’s Match) – HFM operates a match program for veterans. $1 blue tokens are provided to Veterans who show their Veterans ID card with a purchase of a $5 red token. The match is up to $5. Blue tokens may be used for any purchases within the market. No change may be given.

Purple Tokens (Event Tokens) - $1 Purple tokens are provided during special events and through our kid’s programs. Purple tokens may be used for any purchases within the market. No change may be given.

WIC/FDNP Vouchers

The Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program (FDNP) is a state-administered federal nutrition program. FDNP funds go to low-income, nutritionally at-risk pregnant women and young children enrolled in the Women Infants & Children (WIC) program and to eligible low-income seniors and people with disabilities. These federal funds are specifically distributed in order to purchase locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables directly from authorized farmers at farm stands and Farmers’ Markets.

Many of our farmers have applied to accept these vouchers at their booths. To find out which vendors participate in this program, look for signs displayed in their booths or ask the vendors themselves. Vendors are not authorized to give change back for these coupons.

For more information about qualifying for these programs click here or contact:

WIC – Washington County Dept. of Health and Human Services at 503-846-3555

Senior Nutrition Program Seniors and People with Disabilities at 1-866-299-3562