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Music: Joe & The Wheel Monkeys

Joe and the Wheel Monkeys evolved from a group of musicians meeting up at the Pizzario Bluegrass Jam that played at every Wednesday for years. Eventually we developed our own Bluegrass twist on all types of music, from Folk through Rock and of course Bluegrass standards. We’ll surprise you with the range of songs that we play. Our love for playing and the joy that it brings is what drives us. Joe Engert loves his train songs. Wheel Monkeys are the Car Inspectors on the railroad. They make sure it’s all copacetic. With Maurice Wiebelhaus and Sharon Parker on lead vocals, Price Luber on percussion, Joel Parker on lead guitar, Brent Hodge on Dobro, and Rose Darke on fiddle, and everyone chipping in on harmonies, the sound is unique.

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