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Music: Half Grass'd

Born from the ashes of an open bluegrass jam session. The same fellows kept showing up and sounding better and better each week, and folks started asking them what their "band name" was, and whether or not they were available for parties and such... so these old salty, grey-haired manipulators of strings and purveyors of ancient tunes banded together, picked a name out of the air, and called themselves Half-Grass'd! Our music is unique…imagine a combination of Merle Haggard and the Rolling Stones, with a banjo thrown in for good measure! Some folks call it “Hillbilly Rock & Roll”…and that kind of fits our style. Our music includes 4 part harmonies, is family friendly, and is enjoyed by young and old.


John Stocks – Guitar and vocals

David Chalupsky – Banjo and vocals

John Keys - Dobro

Scott Cronin – Bass, Guitar, and vocals

David Hopkins – Bass and vocals

Rose Darke – Fiddle and vocals

Stevan Rogers – Mandolin and vocals

Check out one of their videos here!

Written/Provided by Half Grass’d