Authentic Indian Chai

When Amrita Chopra came to the United States from India, she was disappointed to find that the chai tea sold at American coffee shops and in American grocery stores was dramatically different from the delicious street chai she had been able to get in India. She has always had a creative side, so to compensate for this newfound lack, she began making her own chai at home using authentic Indian herbs and spices. People who tried it loved it.

However, she didn’t get the idea to make a business out of her chai until she was wandering through the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market one day. It struck her: this would be the perfect place to enjoy a nice cup of fresh Indian street chai. This realization spurred her to create Creativitea.

Creativitea has helped Chopra discover her passion, which is making tasty, healthy, and authentic Indian tea and snacks. They use real, freshly ground Indian herbs and spices for their teas, some of which contain up to 10 different spices. The spices in their teas are carefully balanced to unlock the optimal taste and health benefits of each spice. Since Chopra is vegetarian herself, all of Creativitea’s products are either vegan or vegetarian. Although they do use dairy in some of their products, no eggs are used in any of their foods or beverages.

Creativitea is proud of their tea, and if you’ve only ever had chai from coffee shops and American grocery stores, they promise that you’re in for a whole new experience. For this reason, Creativitea strongly encourages customers to sample their tea even if they aren’t sure they’ll actually buy it. When you visit their stand, they’ll recommend you one of their four different types of chai based on whether you prefer sweet or spicy and if you like any one particular herb or spice. Then they’ll let you taste it. You get to decide for yourself, but they’re confident that you’ll like it.

In addition to their signature chai tea, they have iced tea, vegan sandwiches, and other snacks, all of which are also of authentic Indian origin. For people with dietary restrictions, they also offer dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives.

To try one of Creativitea’s amazing teas, you can visit them at the Orenco Station Sunday Market. You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up with their exact locations and hours.