Crawford's Nursery and Produce

With Us From the Beginning

Crawford’s Nursery and Produce has been running for almost 40 years, since James Crawford opened it in Cornelius in 1980. In fact, they were one of Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets’ first vendors when the market started in 1982.

Crawford’s values the opportunity for close customer relationships that coming to the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets provides them, and their highest priority is customer satisfaction. They work hard to ensure their customers’ produce is at its optimal taste and freshness. All of their market produce is picked either late the day before, or that same morning. They also avoid using pesticides on all of their produce so customers can enjoy it safely, right out of the fields.

Crawford’s signature product is blueberries, and has been since the farm’s founding. However, you can also find other tasty treats in their colorful stall spread such as strawberries, tayberries, and golden raspberries. Later on in the season they will have marionberries, blackberries, boysenberries, and more strawberries. If you’re interested in their non-berry items, in the fall they’ll also have tomatoes, green beans, and peppers.

Make sure you stop by Crawford’s Sunday market stall as early in the day as possible, because they sell their produce fast! Or you can visit them on-site in Cornelius, where they have u-pick fields for all of their produce options. You can find their address and hours of operation (and keep up with their daily updates) here on their Facebook page.