Stoneboat Farm

Striving to show the public what local agriculture looks like by providing the community with high quality produce.

In 2014, Aaron and Jesse Nichols purchased land in Helvetia, eventually becoming Stoneboat Farms. The Nichols brothers came together from two industries-Aaron brought his culinary expertise and Jesse brought his experience farming with the Latino farming community in Washington County. The two brothers brought their ambitions to life by using their mutual love for high quality produce and with that aspiration Stoneboat Farm has grown.

 At Stoneboat Farms, their main priority is to show the public what local agriculture looks like by providing the community with high quality produce. In order to meet their goal, Stoneboat uses a wide range of environmentally friendly methods to not only grow their products but protect them. For instance, to protect their crops from bad bugs, they have rows of flowers that deter them from eating the crop, rather than pesticides that could endanger both the environment and consumers.

For the Nichols brothers, they chose to bring their products to the Orenco Station Sunday Market due to its proximity to their farm and a majority of their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members, are from the area. Because many of their members belong to the Orenco Station community, it only makes sense that they take part in the market and provide their booth as a pick up location for their CSA program.


Stoneboat Farms provides a wide range of produce every season and, during Thanksgiving time, they sell turkeys for your family festivities. Along with traditional produce, Stoneboat provides non-traditional produce such as wormwood and salsify, which have historically been used for medicinal reasons rather than cooking. By selling non-traditional products, they hope to shine a light on overlooked produce that is easy to grow and harvest. This season, Stoneboat is excited to announce they’ll be bringing a new item to the markets: Chinese pink celery.


To look at the all the amazing products Stoneboat Farms has to offer, visit them at the Orenco Station Sunday Market. They’ll be selling produce and offering a pickup location for CSA members. If you want to reach out to Stoneboat Farms or keep up with them you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their website.