Pitch & Plow Farms

Goodness For All

Eleven years ago, construction began on a farm in Tillamook. This farm, Pitch & Plow Farms, ran by Amy Burrill-Malta and Joseph McNamara, has been a certified organic farm for the past seven years. In the years that the farm has been around, there has been one goal: to produce the best organic sustainable meats, eggs, and produce.


This is Pitch & Plow Farms second season at the Downtown Hillsboro Farmers’ Market and their first season at the Orenco Station Sunday Farmers’ Market. For their second season with the market, Pitch & Plow hopes that the community enjoys the quality and freshness that their products, ranging from Dorper sheep to starter plants. The farm looks forward to seeing the community, seeing the friends they made in fellow vendors from last year, and to providing the community with wholesome products.

Even though they have only been working with the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market for a little more than a year now, they’ve proven their appreciation for the community by not only making connections with the vendors, but the shoppers as well. Whenever anyone approaches their booth, there is always a smile on Joseph’s face, providing shoppers with a warm and comforting experience that never makes them feel intimidated to ask questions. From his station behind the booth, Joseph never fails to make connections with both vendors and shoppers alike.


To reach their goal, Pitch & Plow Farms has a diverse range of items they provide year-round at their farm in Tillamook. During the 2019 season they’ll be bringing products to the market including produce, eggs, and starter plants. With quality products to provide for the community, there is one word to describe what Pitch & Plow Farms brings to Hillsboro -- goodness. Goodness to the people who work for the farm, the goodness in how the animals are treated, and goodness in how they treat the environment.


If you want to keep up with Pitch & Plow during the offseason when the markets aren’t happening, then follow them on Facebook, Instagram and their website.