Kiyokawa Orchards

Kiyokawa Family Orchards has one of the biggest varieties of apples, pears, peaches, and cherries at the market.


Diversification has been a huge area of focus as more and more requests came in over the years for specific types of apples and pears. Located in the Hood River Valley, they are able to produce upwards of 125 types of apples by using the altitude to their advantage. Founded in 1911, Kiyokawa Family Orchards continues to grow on their five main orchards that take up over 200 acres of farmland all within ten miles of the next. They tend the fruit year round alternating between each season’s finest. Being located so close to Mt. Hood, the water is glacier-fed and creates a pure environment to grow such fresh tasting fruit.

Randy took over his family’s Orchards as his grandparents and parents got older and became less able to take on such difficult and demanding tasks. Founded by Randy’s grandfather, Riichi, who moved here from Japan in 1905 and began farming. What once began as just a way to make a living has now become a community of sharing locally and providing people with fresh and unique produce. They participate in fruit stands, farmers markets, and their own storefront in Parkdale, OR.

Nearing the end of the market season, October is a fantastic time to stock up on apples and pears that are great for storing and fall treats. Great for pies, hot cider, applesauce, canning, drying and so much more. Catch them at our few remaining markets to wrap up this season.