Hubrich Farms

Hubrich Farms was founded by Grant and Sandy Hubrich in 1983 and remains a family run business after over 30 years.

The start of it all began when Grant put himself through college working at a bulb farm. While working on the farm, Grant was able to learn more than just how to farm flowers, but also able to gain the confidence in his abilities to “make it in the world”. After graduating, Grant moved started working for Intel Corporation in Aloha where he met Sandy. Once the corporate life started becoming a lifestyle that was no longer of interest for Grant and Sandy, they bought their farm. Nine years later, they were able to leave the corporate life and farm full-time.

Hubrich Farms specializes in forced bulbs, mainly tulips, but their product lists extends beyond their annual plants, baskets, and planters, all the way to Summer and Fall produce such as zucchini!

Hubrich Farms is located at 775 SE Brookwood Ave. in Hillsboro, OR, 97123. Or you can find them at the Downtown Hillsboro Market on Saturdays, in which they have been participating since their start!